Michael "Joe" Miller joined the Little Rock Police Department in October of 2000. After graduating Recruit School #57 he was assigned to the Southwest Division, and eventually the Downtown Division. In 2006 he was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to the Northwest Division. He would later be selected to be the Adjutant Sergeant for the Downtown Division. Later he moved over to the MOBILE Sergeant position and would eventually be transferred to the Northwest Property Crimes Unit.
In 2014, he was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to the 12th Street Station. From there he moved to the Property Crimes Unit. In 2016 he was selected to start a new Emergency Management Unit within the Department. This was the first such Unit within the State. He was later selected to lead the Homicide Unit before being promoted to Major in 2019.

Major Miller holds a Bachelor's degree in Criminology from Arkansas State University. He also has obtained several law enforcement certifications. He is an instructor for the Little Rock Police Academy and the Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute. He is a graduate of the Southern Police Institute's 141st session of the Administrative Officers Course, the FEMA Emergency Management Academy, and the Criminal Justice Institute-Arkansas Leader Course.

Major Miller has received numerous civilian and supervisor commendations, as well as, the Departmental Life Saving Award, and the Chief Lawrence Johnson Leadership Award.


The Headquarters Division is under the direction of a Major, who reports to the Assistant Chief of Police - Executive Bureau.

The Headquarters Division is comprised of two sections; Operations Support Section and Emergency Management Section. The Operations Support Section consists of the Property Room Unit, Warrants / Desk Officer Unit, Records Section, the Technology Section and the Facility Maintenance Unit. Finally, the Emergency Management Section is responsible for emergency preparedness, officer wellness and this section also manages the Extended leave Unit.

Records Section

The Records Section is under the supervision of a civilian supervisor and is responsible for the maintenance, dissemination and proper coding of all records in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. This section also ensures the timely submission and control of all records in a secure, orderly, and systematic manner.

The Records Section also contains the Telephone Reporting Unit, which is under the direction of a Sergeant and responsible for answering non-emergency phone requests for police service and taking reports over the phone. This unit reduces the need to dispatch officers to service calls that do not require the physical presence of uniformed officer(s). The unit is staffed with two civilians and five cadets.

Technology & Equipment Section

The Technology and Equipment Section is under the direction of a Lieutenant and is responsible for the maintenance and service of all departmental vehicles, the operation and maintenance of the department’s Body Worn Camera Program, compliance of all A.C.I.C. /N.C.I.C. regulations, and assists the Command Staff in the coordination of Crime Analysis activities and reporting. This section also conducts project research analysis and compiles monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports as directed by the Chief of Police. In addition, this section ensures departmental compliance with appropriate criminal statistics reporting protocol, supervises the maintenance and upgrading of computerized police records management systems, and serves as a liaison with the Office of Information Technology and the Communications Center.