Tree Planting

In an effort to improve tree canopy cover in Little Rock, the Urban Forestry staff works with other agencies, neighborhood groups, volunteer organizations, and schoolchildren to plant and care for trees throughout the city.

Where have trees been planted? A few examples...

  • Seven (7) Willow Oaks along 2nd Street at Arch & Gaines Streets
  • Eight (8) Water Oaks staggered along 10th to 12th Streets
  • Six (6) Dogwoods & Eight (8) Redbuds at War Memorial Golf Course
  • Six (6) Sawtooth Oaks & Eight (8) Baldcypress at Remmel Park
  • Twenty-Six (26) Autumn Blaze Maples at the River Market
  • Eight (8) Crabapples at Arch Street along 5th Street & Markham Street
  • Six (6) Loblolly Pines at the City Landfill Office
  • Two (2) Baldcypress & One (1) Water Oak at the Northwest Police Substation
  • Four (4) English Oaks along 7th Street at Victory Street & Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard
  • Two (2) Tulip Poplars near the Martin Luther King, Jr., Springhouse
  • Two (2) Kwansan Cherry & Two (2) Purpleleaf Plums at 27th & Gaines Streets

Did you help with any of the above plantings or our other previous plantings? If so, WE THANK YOU!

Would you like to help with future plantings? If you would, send us some info about you and let us know how you would like to participate by filling in our Tree Planting Form

Big Trees of Little Rock

Do you know a Champion?

Help us find the biggest trees in Little Rock... Submit Your Entry Today!

Send us the following information on the biggest and best tree you can find in Little Rock. Include the following information:

  • Tree Species, i.e., White Oak, American Sycamore, etc
  • Tree Circumference (or "Girth") at 4.5 feet above ground
  • Tree Height
  • Width of Tree Crown
  • Location of Tree and Property Owner where Tree Located
  • Your Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and email address

For more information on how to obtain the tree measurements listed above, go to American Forests' informational website.